Friday, March 22, 2013

Delhi Delights!

Some time ago, I had posted an album featuring some pictures of faces, taken in Delhi. Today, it is a mixed bag of images captured in the streets, malls, parks and markets of the Indian capital in winter. Hope they give you a flavour of the wonderful city.

A mannequin at Dilli Haat in a western ensemble created using handloom fabric. When Dilli Haat opened in 1994, it was known by the more well-known landmark across Sri Aurobindo Marg--the tony INA Market, where one could get rare vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, exotic seafood and meat, and an array of foreign goodies like European cheeses and sauces. Two decades later, the open-air bazaar selling crafts, fabrics and foods from different states of India has overtaken the old market in popularity. Now, INA Market may as well be known as being situated opposite Dilli Haat.

The next two pictures are from Dilli Haat as well.

These eye-catching items from Odisha are a sure way to attract visitors to your stall. Handmade from bits of cloth, they can be used to add colour to a dull corner in any space.

More colour! This time in the form of trinkets. These bangles can be mixed and matched to go with your costume.

These seem to have come to the market straight from the farm. Delhi is a heaven for fresh vegetables in winter. They are so irresistible that I always ended up buying more than what I needed when I lived in Delhi.

These mannequins in a South Delhi mall seem to be making a style statement.

One of the small pleasures of living in Delhi for me was to go shopping for pottery. It is contemporary, varied and easy on your purse. Sarojini Nagar Market in South Delhi is one of the places where one can find it spread out on the roadside for sale. The designs and variety have evolved over time. The somewhat rustic and artsy look of this pottery appeals to a wide cross-section of people. Hawkers selling pottery do brisk business throughout the year, although their profit margins might be quite low.

These coffee mugs sure look very inviting.

Ah, the ubiquitous aloo tikki! Another pleasure in Delhi. True, it is available everywhere, but there are connoisseurs who swear by a particular shop where they go to get their fill of this zesty snack. The freshly fried crisp patties of potato smothered with hot, sweet and sour chutneys and topped with boiled chickpeas, grated radish, onions and green chillies bring all your taste buds alive with the first bite. Here, in a popular South Delhi eatery, it is being served in a more hygienic way where you can mix all the ingredients as you like. At other places, when you place an order, the seller mixes the items one by one and gives you a plateful of ready-to-eat tikki. You can even get them made according to your specifications. I like mine to be extra spicy. Doesn't matter how they are served, tikkis always make for appetizing short eats.

If the mannequins in the mall sported western wear, their counterparts in Sarojini Nagar are all aglow in Indian outfits.

No mannequins here! Heavily brocaded wedding sarees on display in a shop window in Chandni Chowk.

Chrysanthemums in myriad shapes, sizes and colours burst on the scene at the onset of winter. Neatly arranged rows of potted chrysanthemums delight one and all in parks and other public spaces. Flower shows and exhibitions are held in the city where hundreds of these beauties bring joy to visitors. I leave you with pictures of roses and chrysanthemums taken at various places in Delhi.


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