Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flowers From Korea, With Love!

Ggotggozi (or Ggotgozi) may be difficult to pronounce, but what it stands for is sheer beauty. It is the Korean art of flower arrangement!

The gallery at the Inko Centre in Chennai played host to an exhibition of this art from June 18 to 20. Inko Centre is an entity that is established with an aim to promote inter-cultural dialogue between India and Korea. This flower exhibition was one of their various activities.

As I entered the gallery, several cheerful arrangements greeted me with their colours and a faint, sweetish scent.

They stood elegantly in simple vases lined along the white walls. Leaves, twigs and flowers creating open, flowing designs that not only appeal to your senses, but also calm them.

Each arrangement soothes you, trying to hold your attention for just a wee bit more time, the tall twigs in them literally standing out proudly.

Sure, there are bright colours, but they are not overbearing. There is space, and a delicate lightness about the creations on display.

Talented artists representing different flower associations in Korea had put together this show in Chennai.

Flowers were especially flown in from Korea. Barring a couple of arrangements that had some dyed elements, all were natural.

Not much information is available on Ggotggozi. I wish the organizers had provided some, introducing this art to visitors in Chennai.

It would have been wonderful to meet the artists in person and get to know more about their art directly from them. But that was not possible.

However, their names are Lee Jong Im, Chairman, Im Flower Association--Jang Eun Ki, Chairman, Chang Hyun Flower Association--Kim Jung, Chairman, Ye In Flower Association--Kim Young Ae, Chairman, Bloomy Flower Association--Choi Myung Sook, Chairman, Korea Ggotggozi Association--Choi Jin Ok, Assistant Chairman, Korea Flower Arrangement Association and Chairman Ka Hyang Flower Association--Kivak Eun Joo, Chairman, in Chennai, India Git Bi Flower Association--Kim Joong Ae, Chairman, Git Bi Flower Association and Kina Eun Hee, Chairman, Eun Hyang Flower Association.

Photos by Lata
It was lovely seeing their charming creations! Hoping to see more of their art in times to come!!

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  1. So wonderful flower decoration. You know I love flower decoration. This is so beautiful. I am so happy to see this post.