Friday, July 14, 2017

Snapshots From London!

Sharing some recent pictures from my London album. These days, one takes hundreds of pictures when one is on a trip. I did too. Here are a few of them that tell a story or are just a bit different from the rest. Take a look!

I like how the little girl is holding her own in front of the ferocious-looking lion! Look at her posture, spunk and attitude. Did not particularly see her while clicking. Else I would have included her fully in the frame. Was amused to notice her later while looking at this picture. At the Trafalgar Square.

This picture too happened by chance. How interesting that the man and the woman in the sculpture are looking in the opposite direction while their counterparts in real life are facing each other! A nice contrast. At the Buckingham Palace.

Hundreds of lovely ladies and gentlemen waiting outside the Buckingham Palace on a pleasant sunny afternoon. Apparently the Queen had invited them to tea. While the security guards were busy assisting them and maintaining order, the guests were making the most of the opportunity by posing for pictures using the palace as a backdrop. The ladies were at their elegant best flaunting their flowing dresses and flowery hats. The men looked suave in their formal suits. I had no invitation, I just happened to be there and enjoyed watching the spectacle from the sidelines.

Serenity at its best. This lady had found an ideal spot to relax, rejuvenate or reflect on her life. At the Kew Gardens.

I was in a bus going towards the British Museum when this sculpture of the Mahatma caught my eye. I saw what the nearest bus stop was and made a note to stop there on my way back. 

While I was busy taking pictures, a group of people led by a lady descended at the statue. She stood there for a good ten minutes addressing her group, while I waited at a distance not wanting to eavesdrop. At the Tavistock Square.

The dark clouds. The majestic lion dominates the frame, watching the traffic pass by. A contrast between stillness and movement, this makes for an interesting picture, with the red bus so typical of London adding its own charm to the scene. At the Trafalgar Square.

So exhilarating to see the Indian tricolour fluttering gently in foreign skies. The massive building housing diplomats stands gracefully on a leafy street in Central London. I stood there for some time and witnessed a flurry of activity. Officials getting out of a car being escorted inside the building by a young staff member. Noticed that the car had a diplomatic number plate. At the Indian High Commission.

This pair of pigeons was having the beautifully maintained garden exclusively to themselves. The garden was featuring white flowers especially to commemorate Princess Diana who lived in Kensington Palace before her life ended in a tragic accident 20 years ago. She used to spend time in this garden and often talked to the gardeners. A nice tribute to the stylish lady! At the Kensington Palace Gardens.

As I said, most of these pictures were taken without much planning. I discovered these interesting elements only later while looking at them at leisure!

Photos by Lata
I could not have moved around in London without the Underground and the red busses. The bus has already appeared in one of the earlier pictures. Standing or walking on these escalators is an integral part of every Londoner's life. They take you up to the exit and down to the train efficiently and comfortably. Loved the Underground experience!

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